Sileno Gastroexperience

Divine pleasures

The old satyr who sponsored Dionysus, the Greek god of hedonism and divine and human pleasures, opens the doors of his dwelling.

A cozy restaurant, where every detail of the experience has been designed to elevate the most human pleasures to the category of divine.

Exquisite seafood from our brine, our livestock, and our garden that we accompany with delicious attention.

Let yourself be guided by the heirs of Silenus, the adoptive father of Dionysus, who always spoke the truth and was able to glimpse the future and enjoy a frank, honest and transparent culinary experience on a par with the best restaurants in any European capital.

The great pleasures of being human will connect you with the divine and with a certain immortality.

Since time immemorial, earthly pleasures have been linked to gods such as Dionysus.

Come to Sileno and enjoy

We are just a step away from you.